Support For Teams

Deben Psychology is able to offer a variety of support to businesses or teams, such as:

  • Reflective practice
  • Staff Consultation and supervision
  • Training
  • Team building

We are also happy to consider a tailor-made package at your request. Please make contact via the enquiry form.


Reflective practice aims to create an opportunity for staff to sit back and reflect on their own experiences and what they bring into the workspace, an opportunity for team cohesion and conflict resolution, as well as a space for learning from our experiences and learning with each other. This is not a space for detailed case discussion, but more about ourselves and this may relate to a case/service you offer, but the sole purpose would not be to problem solve the case/service problem. Reflective practice is a space to explore uncertainty, ambiguity and complexity in our experiences, and as a means of offering and promoting support and connection. It is also about allowing a space to reflect on difference and diversity. We want to try and create a space that feels safe to do this.


This would be a space where your team might like to think through a particular difficulty in more detail. This may be a one-off consultation or regular staff supervision. Responsibility of practice would remain with the staff and their company, but this would allow space to consider practice and a space to think in more detail about your service offer. The focus would not be on staff cohesion necessarily but more about service delivery e.g. supporting someone who is struggling.

Please note that I am unable to offer consultation or supervision around young people being seen or awaiting treatment in mental health services in Suffolk due to my conflict of interest agreement.


Deben Psychology is happy to offer training to staff groups. If you have a specific area you would like training around, please message and we can discuss whether this is something Deben Psychology would be able to offer your service.


Are you considering team building for your staff? Deben Psychology would be happy to help you plan your team building event and consider what you might like to get out of the event with your staff. This might be about our mindsets to our work, building on team cohesion etc. Please make contact if you would like some help with this.