When someone experiences any kind of distress or difficulties, it is paramount that a thorough assessment is completed. Therefore, if you are seeking support for any kinds of difficulties, we would start with an assessment appointment to gain a shared understanding of your difficulties. Assessments are like puzzles, where we gather information (different puzzle pieces), which we then piece together to create a shared understanding (formulation). This helps us work out how best to help you. The assessment will give you an opportunity to describe concerns, when it started, what has already been tried to overcome it and what you are hoping for moving forward. As part of our assessment process, we will also be asking you to complete some questionnaires prior to your first appointment and at the end of our work together, if we decide to work together therapeutically. This in part helps to monitor progress but also offers us further insight into your difficulties and strengths.

Assessments can be completed virtually or face to face.


Deben Psychology offers autism assessments using the DISCO (Diagnostic Interview for Social and Communication Disorders). This is usually used with an informant who knows the individual well but can also be used with the individual if this is not possible. It is a lengthy assessment process which thoroughly aims to elicit a picture of the whole person, looking at their development and presentation over time. This assessment can be used with children as well as adults of any age. It will also consider other influencing factors. Part of this assessment may also include observations or speaking to other relevant people, with your permission, like school or work. If this assessment tool is used with an informant, it will also be necessary for us to meet with the person being assessed to enable us to complete this assessment.

Deben Psychology is also hoping to offer other types of assessment in the future e.g. learning disability-based assessments or cognitive assessments.